Debussy’s Syrinx: analysis, history and interpretation

Debussy syrinx analysis, interpretation and history

Debussy’s Syrinx: introduction The purpose of this guide is to help you find a clear and detailed answer to the most crucial questions related to the history of Debussy’s Syrinx, its analysis and interpretation. To start out, I’m going to shed some light on the history of the composition; then, I’ll tell you the story […]

Cavatina in Opera and instrumental music: definition, form and famous examples

cavatina in opera and instrumental music

Meaning and Definition If you’re wondering: what does cavatina mean in music?, I think the first thing to do is to step back and examine the literal meaning of the word cavatina. Let’s start by saying that the term ‘cavatina’ is an Italian word, derived from the verb ‘cavare’, which in English can be translated […]

Sonata da Chiesa and Sonata da Camera: 6 differences you need to know

difference between sonata da chiesa and sonata da camera

What is the difference between a sonata da chiesa and a sonata da camera? In this article I’ve gathered all the information you need to know to determine the difference between a sonata da chiesa and a sonata da camera. To be more specific, we will take into examination 6 aspects that make a sonata […]

Brecht’s String Quartet: “music” for shaking hands

brecht string quartet

Brecht’s String Quartet: an early example of conceptual music? George Brecht (1926-2008) is considered as one of the most creative precursors of conceptual music, a highly sophisticated genre that had a significant impact on the artistic life of the 60s and 70s. His “String Quartet” is affected by the influences of various artists such as […]

Difference between an opus and a symphony

director, violinist and a collection of compositions

The difference between an opus and a symphony is quite substantial: the latin word “opus” refers to a number which is conventionally assigned to a piece of music or to a set of musical compositions once they are published, while the term “symphony” denotes a specific form of orchestral composition divided into four movements.   […]

Ambush from ten sides: history and analysis of a masterpiece from Cina

pipa player and chinese warrior

Ambush from ten sides: history of a Chinese masterpiece for pipa Ambush from Ten Sides (Chinese: shimian maifu) is traditionally regarded as one of the most difficult classical pieces written for the pipa, a four-stringed Chinese lute whose origin dates back to 2000 years ago. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is the author of this […]